Summer starts here

Summer starts early in Southern Italy. With temperatures already climbing into the mid twenties there is a sense of growing momentum as restaurants and bars open up for the season and people spill into the streets long into the evening.


The first sail of the season was a good omen. With a perfect breeze on the beam we hoisted the main and unfurled the genoa and glided along the Costa Degli Dei (Coast of Gods) from Tropea to drop anchor off Capo Vaticano for lunch and a quick swim. Sunshine, white sand beaches and turquoise water melting into deep blue and you could easily be mistaken for thinking you’re in the Indian Ocean rather than the Med. The Aeolian islands appeared offshore and the Italian coast stretched down to the Straits of Messina and beyond to Sicily…  I didn’t want to turn back!! An early flight back to London the following day meant the next adventure will have to wait a month for the trip north.. The Amalfi Coast and the islands of the Gulf of Naples await, roll on June!

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